The Cubs Own Page

Hello Cubs!  This is the page where you will find extra challenges and badge work that you can complete to earn points for your Six, or even earn yourself a badge or two!  There will be a different challenge each half term or school holiday for you to do.

Family Hike & Code Sheet

If you have not yet gained your Adventure Challenge or Skills Challenge Awards, then it may be that you need to do a couple more things to achieve them.  If you haven’t done a hike whilst in the Pack then please try the FamilyTtreasure Hunt around Carshalton; and if you haven’t got your Skills Challenge Award have a go at the Secret Code Handwashing Game.

Please send in all your sheets to Chil by Sunday 7th March 2021.

3rd Carshalton Cubs Family Treasure Trail

3rd Carshalton Cubs Family Treasure Trail Answer Sheet

Secret Code Hand washing Game